Business Loan
Business loans are ideal for vendors, contractors, retail, and wholesale ongoing businesses. The product enables the customer to add to his/her working capital, with negotiable monthly repayment terms up to 36 months, competitive interest rates and top-up loans are available on request.

Agriculture Loan
This product is ideal for people in the agriculture production chain and value addition. With this product, our customers receive free on the farm technical agricultural and agro-technology advisory services. We offer negotiable grace period on agriculture loans, free soil testing and land planning on request. We conduct a social performance assessment and with our partners enable customers participate in national agriculture competitions.

Motorcycle Loan
The Boda-boda / Motorcycle Loan Product is meant to improve mobility, transport of goods to the market and self-employment especially among the youth. MAMIDECOT encourages boda-boda riders to open accounts for saving and later seek a motorcycle loan if deemed appropriate.

Motor vehicle Loan
Asset Acquisition Loan

Other Services

♦ Agriculture advisory services
♦ Business advisory services
♦ Money Transfer Services
♦ Agency Banking
♦ Telecommunications Super Agency Services
♦ Utility Bills Payment Services
♦ Student Saving Schemes in Schools
♦ Safe Custody Services