Personal & Joint Savings Accounts
Personal and Joint Savings Accounts are ideal for members who want to save from their earnings for future investment. It helps the account holder/s to earn interest, nurtures a savings culture, and minimizes reckless expenditure.

Group Savings Account
A Group Savings account is ideal for registered groups and community based organizations. This account earns interest for the group members and nurtures a savings culture. The account makes it easy for the group leaders to provide financial accountability, strengthens a bond among the group members, and commitment.

School Fees Savings Account / Super Kid
School Fees Savings / Super Kid account is best for parents and guardians who want to secure education for their children. It guarantees education for the children, minimises stress, and earns an interest.

Student Savings Scheme / Pigeon Hall Saving
The Student Savings Scheme / Pigeon Hall Saving is MAMIDECOT Corporate Social Responsibility, the scheme is best for both day and boarding schools. The scheme enables students to save their pocket money to minimize reckless expenditure. At the end of the term, MAMIDECOT gives the best saver a prize. It further nurtures a savings culture, and the student may raise money for investment.

Business Accounts
A business account is ideal for business entities /agencies / institutions with multiple transactions onto their accounts. The account earn interest, assures custody of business funds, makes easy accounts reconciliation, and transfers workload from account holder to the Bank.